Halton MakeFest 2024

Halton MakeFest is a free to attend festival in Halton, Cheshire which is jam packed with fun activities for all the family!

This year’s main event was held on Saturday 16th March 2024 at Halton Lea Library + Runcorn Shopping City.

Halton MakeFest 2024


Join us for Halton MakeFest 2024 at Halton Lea Library + Runcorn Shopping City on Saturday 16th March 2024, where the Halton MakeFest makers will be showing you how to get creative and make things of all shapes and sizes, live and in person

What Is
Halton Makefest?

At Halton MakeFest, we are going to showcase digital arts, science, creations, inventions and gadgets through exhibits, demonstrations, installations, hands on activities and workshops for all age groups. The showcase extravaganza will explore how science, technology, engineering, arts and crafts are shaping our world.

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What makes
Halton Makefest?

Halton MakeFest is only possible with 3 key ingredients, Makers, Volunteers and Visitors. Which one are you?