About Halton MakeFest

Halton MakeFest is a one-day festival that brings together makers of all levels of experience and expertise from the Halton region and beyond. The event is free for both attendees and makers, and offers a full day of activities including discovery, fun, and making. It is inspired by similar events held around the world and provides a unique opportunity for people to come together and celebrate the world of making in Halton.

How does Halton Makefest work?

Halton MakeFest is a non-profit, community-focused event that relies on the support of volunteers, local makers, and attendees who are interested in learning and discovering new things. The event would not be possible without the contributions of these individuals. As a free event, all funds raised go towards the event’s future operations and supporting activities.

How Did Halton Makefest Start?

In 2019, Mako Create attended Liverpool MakeFest and was inspired to bring a similar event to Halton. The team dedicated significant time and effort to planning and preparing for the inaugural Halton MakeFest, which received financial support from Well Halton.

The festival was a great success, in part due to the support and flexibility of Halton Libraries, who generously loaned their Runcorn library for the event.

The organizers of Liverpool MakeFest, Mark Feltham and Caroline Keep, deserve special thanks for their help, support, and guidance in establishing Halton’s own MakeFest.


Halton Makefest over the years

Since 2020, Halton MakeFest has adapted and evolved to include a combination of online, streamable, downloadable, and interactive activities in addition to traditional in-person events. This change was necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has allowed the festival to evolve and continue offering engaging, hands-on making experiences to attendees while also prioritizing public health and safety. The mix of in-person and online activities now allows attendees to choose the format that works best for them and still participate in the festivals.

How IS Halton MakefestΒ  POSSIBLE?

Halton MakeFest has received funding from various sources over the years, reflecting Halton’s dedication to bringing exciting, engaging, and culturally rich activities to the borough.

This funding helps to cover the costs of organizing and running the festival, such as recruiting volunteers and makers, planning logistics, marketing the activities and the provision of supplies.

Most importantly, the funding ensures that the festival remains a free admission event for our attendees, making it accessible to all members of the community. The support of funders and the efforts of our local makers and volunteers are crucial in making Halton MakeFest a success each year.

Halton Makefest 2024 is made possible With thanks to

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Want to get involved? There’s a few ways you can help…


If you think that you could help with the organising or delivery of the event please let us know by applying here.


If you would like to take part as a Maker or exhibitor, then please let us know by applying here.