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Halton MakeFest is a free to attend event in Halton which is jam packed with fun things to do for all the family!

So you might be wondering

“What’s a MakeFest????”

In short MakeFest’s are free, family-friendly events celebrating all things ‘makey‘.

We are going to showcase digital arts, science, creations, inventions and gadgets through exhibits, demonstrations, installations, hands on activities and workshops for all age groups. The showcase extravaganza will explore how science, technology, engineering, arts and crafts are shaping our world.

Want to know more about Halton MakeFest and MakeFests in general? 

What makes
Halton Makefest?

Halton MakeFest is only possible with 3 key ingredients, Makers, Volunteers and Visitors. Which one are you?

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