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Halton Makefest is looking for amazing makers!

Are you, or do you know an amazing maker?

Could you be a Maker at Halton MakeFest?

Makers come in all shapes and sizes from digital wizards to sculpture makers, from creative chefs to music composers.

Halton MakeFest is here to celebrate creativity in all its forms from around the borough of Halton and beyond.

"Physical" Makers

From Cake Makers, to Structural Engineers, if you make “real” things with your hands and would like to show off what you do, then we’d love to hear from you.

"Digital" Makers

Digital Artists, Programmers, Filmmakers and Photographers, if the things you create come in files, folders and pixels, we’d love to see you strut your stuff at Halton MakeFest.

"Everything in between" Makers

It’s impossible to pigeonhole all makers, so if you’re not sure if the thing that you make is right for Halton MakeFest, don’t be scared to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.  

We are looking for makers who would like to; run activities, showcase their work and engage with the community. We are really interested to hear from professionals and enthusiasts alike.

How does Halton MakeFest work?

The quick answer is: Halton MakeFest is a celebration delivered across a series of in-person taster activities, as well as an action-packed whole day festival in Halton, Cheshire.

This will mean there’s something for everybody!

In-Person Taster Activities

Halton MakeFest
Main Event

Halton MakeFest 2022 was an incredible event which happened just after the nation came out of the Global Covid-19 pandemic, so it was the first large scale in-person event we ran after a series of lockdowns, and what a celebration it was!

Halton MakeFest 2023 is going to be bigger and better than before, with more makers and more activities………..


How will the MakeFest 2023 main event run?

Halton MakeFest 2023 will be an action-packed, hands-on, in-person event held on Saturday 25th March at Widnes Library, open to the general public to attend.

Showcasing a wide variety of local makers, demonstrating their fantastic skills, allowing the public to soak in all their creativity.


Halton MakeFest is a community festival and will be FREE for people to attend. We would like to run as many free activities as possible (we understand there might be certain makers or activities that require a surcharge to cover material costs).

We are looking for a variety of  makers who would like to demonstrate their talents in-person at the event.

Activities can range from drop-in activities, scheduled workshops, creative performances, talks or demonstrations. If you’re not sure, get in touch!

Want to get involved?

We would really like you to take part, so if you are interested in being a maker for Halton MakeFest, then we will need you to complete a short online form to explain what you’d like to deliver and what equipment is required. Should your application be successful, this information will also help us to publicise your session.

Please note: all maker applications will be considered, but not all applicants will be successful


Your safety and the safety of the public is really important to us.

While we look forward to hosting exciting and adventurous activities, we need to ensure we can do so in a safe and controlled manner.

We will put in measures to ensure that everyone is safe throughout the delivery of the activities.

Let’s Make Something new
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If you would like to apply to be one of our amazing makers, please fill out the form below. We will review all applicants and contact you to let you know if you have been successful.

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Halton Makefest 2023

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 Veteran makers from previous Halton MakeFest’s need not apply…

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