Halton Makefest is looking for amazing makers!

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Are you, or do you know an amazing maker?

Makers come in all shapes and sizes from digital wizards to sculpture makers, from creative chefs to music composers.

Halton’s first MakeFest to celebrate creativity in all its forms.

"Physical" Makers

From Cake Makers, to Structural Engineers, if you make “real” things with your hands and would like to show off what you do, then we’d love to hear from you.

"Digital" Makers

Digital Artists, Programmers, Filmmakers and Photographers, if the things you create come in files, folders and pixels, we’d love to see you strut your stuff at Halton MakeFest.

"Everything in between" Makers

It’s impossible to pigeonhole all makers, so if you’re not sure if the thing that you make is right for Halton MakeFest, don’t be scared to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.  

We are looking for makers who would like to; run activities, showcase their work and engage with the community. We are really interested to hear from professionals and enthusiasts alike.

How will Halton MakeFest 2021 work?

With 2020 bringing the global outbreak of Covid-19 and impacting upon everyone’s day-to-day lives, we have had to change the way we run Halton MakeFest for 2021. Not to worry, we’ve still been able to put together a plan to build on the success of Halton MakeFest 2020, to try our best to guarantee Covid-19 does not stop us from putting on a great family event in 2021. 

MakeFest 2021 will be moved to a series of virtual events, broadcast live via our website and social media platforms. This means that Makers will have an incredible opportunity to interact with people from around the world, who will be able to participate in Halton MakeFest creative activities for FREE. 

MakeFest 2021 has been extended from a one day single event, to now run over 4 days. Each day will be split into 2 sessions, with every session dedicated to one Maker and the incredible creative activity you will showcase. The MakeFest 2021 week will start on Tuesday 16th February and run daily until Friday 19th February 2021. 

How will MakeFest 2021 run?

Mako Create are going to set up a live streaming studio (think budget TV studio) in Halton. The studio will be set up to broadcast and record the various Maker sessions throughout the week. 

Makers will be assigned a session date and time to attend the studio venue. The session will include an interview with you the Maker (what you do, where to find more information, etc) plus a Q&A with participants, then we will move on to live streaming your creative activity online. During the live stream there will be plenty of opportunities for you to interact with the participants, as they will complete the activity at home alongside your online instructions and demonstration.  

All sessions will be recorded so they can be watched at any time online after the live stream, in an on-demand style, via website and social media platforms. 


All the activities will be FREE and accessible via our website and social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube and twitch etc). We are looking for Makers who would like to deliver a creative activity which will last between 30 and 90 minutes. 


15 mins

Interview with the maker. 

30-90 mins

Creative Activity 

We would really like you to take part, so if you are interested, then we will need you to complete a short online form to explain what you’re planning to deliver and what equipment is required. This will help us to publicise your session and enable participants to gather all the equipment they will need to participate, beforehand. 


Your safety is really important to us, we have put measures in place to ensure that we are  COVID compliant throughout the delivery of the activities. We will discuss this with you in more detail when we agree your session delivery date & time.

If you are Maker who is shielding and you would like to take part in MakeFest but you’re unable to attend in person, please still apply, as we may be able to deliver your activity remotely

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