The History of Halton MakeFest

In early 2019 Halton Library and Mako Create had the idea of organising a MakeFest in Halton. After a few more chats they decided to give it a go delivering the first Halton Makefest in Feb 2020.

Halton based organisation Mako Create have been involved in delivering activities at Liverpool, Manchester, and Chester MakeFests so have a good understanding of how MakeFest’s run.

Halton Libraries have a wealth of experience of running creative community projects and kindly offered to play host for the event at Halton Lea Library in Runcorn.

Liverpool MakeFest have also been extremely helpful in offering guidance and support.

Previous halton MakeFests

“The proof is in the pudding” as they say, so take a look at previous Halton MakeFest’s to get a feel for what we aim to achieve.

Want to get involved? There’s a few ways you can help…


If you think that you could help with the organising or delivery of the event please let us know by applying here.


If you would like to take part as a Maker or exhibitor, then please let us know by applying here.