Halton MakeFest 2021 Lockdown 3.0 Update

We are delighted to announce that, despite the implementation of a third National lockdown until after the February half term, we have a contingency plan to enable MakeFest 2021 to still go ahead!

So MakeFest this year will be moved to an online, virtual event and will be broadcast live via our website and social media platforms, this will allow you (and anyone else from around the world) to participate in creative activities during Halton MakeFest for FREE. We’ve extended the event to run over 4 days starting on Tuesday 16th February until Friday 19th February. The activities will last between 30 minutes and 90 minutes, with two activities per day planned. All of the activities have been planned so that you can participate at home, whilst the session is being broadcast live online. We’ll let you know before the sessions exactly what you will need to take part, so that you can prepare everything you need beforehand. 

All of the activities will be FREE and accessible online via our website and social media platforms including  (FacebookYouTube and Twitter etc)

Of course we are disappointed that we will not be able to welcome members of the public to the event and see you face-to-face this year, but we are excited to be in the position to have MakeFest 2021 full of fun, creative, family activities during this lockdown period. 

So you might be wondering

“What’s a MakeFest????”

In short MakeFest’s are free, family-friendly events celebrating all things ‘makey‘.

We are going to showcase digital arts, science, creations, inventions and gadgets through exhibits, demonstrations, installations, hands on activities and workshops for all age groups. The showcase extravaganza will explore how science, technology, engineering, arts and crafts are shaping our world.

Want to know more about Halton MakeFest and MakeFests in general? 

What makes
Halton Makefest?

Halton MakeFest is only possible with 3 key ingredients, Makers, Volunteers and Visitors. Which one are you?

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