We learnt a lot during Halton MakeFest 2021, which was an all online affair where we streamed 8 live videos across 4 days, showcasing various makers, each demonstrating their talents and showing you how you can get creative from the comfort of your own home (during lockdown).

You can check out all of the live and pre-recorded videos on the Halton MakeFest YouTube channel right here.

So, how does that impact Halton MakeFest 2022? Well, even though the main event itself is going to be in person (Culture HQ – 26/3/22) we’re still going to be streaming live maker sessions online so you can enjoy getting creative from home once again.

You’ll be able to find out more about the “What” and “When” of these sessions in the Live Streams section of the website soon, but in the meantime, we’d thought we’d share some behind the scenes photos of our “pop-up” live streaming studio at Culture HQ.

We’re going for a familiar setup to last time, so viewers of last years Halton MakeFest will know what to expect, but it’s a simple, minimalist, low key affair where the makers are the stars of the show and their work does all the talking. There’s no need for any green-screen special FX, fancy lighting or expensive camera rigging equipment when you’ve got such amazing local talent to showcase.

Stay tuned for more details on the Halton MakeFest 2022 Live Streams coming soon.