On Saturday 22nd February, we got to open the doors to Halton MakeFest. An event we organised to help bring together the local creatives of Halton. On the day we had a plethora of volunteers ready to help us. One of them was Elaine Garner, a local writer, poet and photographer.

Below is what she had to say about the event:

From tots to teens and adults alike Halton Makefest 2020 held at the Shopping City Library on Saturday 22nd February proved to be a huge success. Held over three floors not only did this event provide many interactive challenges but also proved that learning new educational skills can be fun. From programming and flying drones to making bracelets by genetics, creating robotic motors to drawing self-portraits. Throughout the day a programme of performing arts included singing, magic and poetry kept people entertained whilst encouraging others to join in. VCR, cupcake icing, lego, photoshop, gardening, thaumatrope and badge making were just some of the many other local companies providing interest ensuring everyone, no matter what age was catered for. The diversity of what is available within the borough and people who are so willing to give up their time was amazing.

The Studio in Widnes, The Widnes Mens Shed and Talk Halton all provided information about weekly events available. Many thanks to Mako for organising such a successful event which hopefully will prove to be the forerunner of many more and thanks to all those companies who were willing to get involved.
We’ve also included some highlights of Elaines photography from the event.