Songwriting MasterCLass with a Place For us and Natalie MCCool

Join A Place For Us and Natalie McCool for a Masterclass in songwriting, deconstructing one of Natalie's own pop songs.

Activity Overview

Deconstructing a Song: Writing a song in reverse…
A unique insight into songwriting, deconstructing one of Natalie’s songs ‘Pins’
Looking at the concept: What’s the story behind the song? What’s the message?
Themes: What is the mood, and how do we create it through words?
Metaphors & writing tips: Creative ways of telling a story – how do we say something without actually…saying it? Showing the listener your story through vivid imagery, rather than telling them.
Melody: How can melody influence how the listener is feeling?
Harmony: Creating mood through major / minor and note range
Rhythm: How can we make the listener feel something just by changing the rhythm?
Structure: How do I structure my song to make my story effective?
This masterclass will help you get started with songwriting, find your voice & tell your story. It will also give you the tools to understand melody, rhythm, harmony & structure.

Watch on YouTube

Equipment You Will Need

  • You will not need anything except a device to watch the Masterclass on. However if you want to take notes or jot down lyric / concept ideas then that is definitely encouraged!
  • Natalie is going to be using the website BandLab throughout the live stream.


Who Can Take Part?


Everyone is welcome to join the stream.


The session topics are most suitable for aspiring musicians and music creatives aged 14+.

About the Maker

Natalie McCool

Natalie McCool is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and truly captivating frontwoman. She has picked up a fast-growing support base of fans and critics alike with her truly innovative and beautiful take on pop music. Latest album ‘The Great Unknown’ was self-written and is without doubt McCool’s finest and most accomplished set of songs to date with 1st single ‘Dig It Out’ described as “a mesmerising lilt pop gem” in The Sunday Times, and 2nd single ‘Cardiac Arrest’ being immediately playlisted on BBC Radio 1.

About the Organisation

A Place for Us CIC

A Place for Us CIC is a professional performing arts company working to benefit the community and in particular young talent. Using Theatre, Music, Dance and other creative arts we engage, inspire and create high quality, inclusive, cultural experiences that raise aspiration and have a positive impact on the cultural, social and economic landscape of the local community of Halton and beyond. We believe in strong partnerships. In working with our cultural partners we strive to create innovative and world-class theatre whilst identifying, developing and nurturing talent in the creative sectors.