Shared Reading with The Reader

Join The Reader for a relaxing, fun and accessible introduction to the shared reading.

Activity Overview

Come and join in with some Shared Reading: you’ll listen to a story or a poem being read aloud and will have a chance to share your thoughts if you’d like to. As you listen to the reading, you’ll be given space to think, reflect and be drawn to the bits you like. You could share your thoughts with those you’re watching with, or comment directly to the live session. It will be relaxing, fun and accessible to you whether you consider yourself a Reader or not!

Equipment You Will Need

  • You will only need the device you are watching from.

  • We will update this page with copies of the text being read before the session so you can download your own copy to read along.

Who Can Take Part?

No previous experience of group reading required this session is suitable for beginner and experienced readers alike.

We are going to be reading texts that will be suitable for both young people and adults. We would suggest a minimum age of 8.

About the Maker

We’re a national charity that wants to bring about a Reading Revolution so that everyone can experience and enjoy great literature, which we believe is a tool for helping humans survive and live well.

Through a growing movement of 1,000 volunteers and partners, we bring thousands of people together each week to share and discuss great novels, short stories and poems. We call this Shared Reading.

We read with schools, families and looked-after-children, adults in community spaces, people in care homes, people with physical and mental health conditions, those coping with or recovering from addiction, and people in the criminal justice system.

Everything we do – from our global Shared Reading movement to the events, activities and social businesses on offer at Calderstones Park – builds warm and lively communities by bringing people together and books to life.