Origami and Book Art With Halton Libraries

Join Halton Libraries for a fun and creative paper folding workshop where you will learn basic origami and book art.

Activity Overview

Throughout January and February, Libraries have been decorating Halton with brightly coloured origami cranes. A symbol of hope and good fortune, what better way to start 2021?  Japanese legend states that any individual who can create 1000 paper cranes will be granted a wish – how many can Halton residents make?!

You can get involved and help us to decorate Halton with your very own colourful origami cranes by joining us for a live workshop as part of MakeFest 21.  We will take you through the basic techniques of origami in this step by step workshop where you will produce your very own origami creations to display in your windows at home to share the wishes of hope and good fortune. Let’s Decorate Halton together!

We will then move on to book folding, an art that has been around for centuries. We will guide you through the steps, showing you different examples and techniques, which will result in your own piece of book art. 

This is a simple yet fun workshop!

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Equipment You Will Need

  • Any paper you have at home – different colours would be best or why not decorate your paper first with colourful patterns before the workshop. You could even recycle old newspapers and magazines!
  • Scissors
  • Library staff will show you how to cut the paper to size during the workshop.
  • An old (well-read!) hardback book

Who Can Take Part?

This activty is suitable for all ages especially children aged 5+

About the Maker

Halton Libraries are a creative and innovative library service, offering in-person and digital services, resources and activities to the local communities in Halton. We have 4 libraries and a welcoming and friendly team who are always happy to help.

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