Halton MakeFest Video Premiere: Norton Priory Baking for Birds

Tune in to this premier on: Wednesday 23rd March 7PM

Learn how to create cheesy dough balls for birds with Norton Priory’s Paul Quigley!

Pop on your chef hat and grab your ingredients to make fat balls that will encourage birds to visit your garden and be well fed!

Here is the recipe if you would like to join in at home:

Cheesy Dough Recipe

500 grams Wholemeal Flour (any flour will do)

250 grams Lard

Grated mild cheese

Optional – crushed peanuts, oats, dried fruit (soaked first)

Mix the flour and lard, added grated mild cheese – roll into a fat sausage, chill the pastry in the fridge and slice thickly. Take out slices as required. Will keep in the fridge for ages.

The cheesy dough can be placed in suet holders, squeezed into drilled holes in logs or branches of trees. Can also be put into the corners of bird tables. Sometimes takes a day or two for birds to find it but will attract Blackbirds, Robins, Tits, Starlings, etc.

A good source of protein and fat particularly in winter.


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More about this maker

Paul Quigley has been a familiar face at Norton Priory for about 30 years now. He enjoys making using traditional skills, such as working with clay, wicker and bee wax.
He is a keen beekeeper and photographer. You can often find him on nature walks with his Border Terrier Spud.