Halton MakeFest Video Premiere: Gail Louise Jewellery

Tune in to this premiere on: Monday 21st MarchΒ 

Join Gail as she demonstrates how to make a chain bracelet with decorative oval links and a basic S clasp design. Learn how to texture the metal to create decorative patterns, annealing and conductivity, soldering with both sheet and paste and using basic tools and equipment. She shows you how the individual links were first formed and then put together to form a finished chain

Gail will be bringing her expertise in jewellery making, to teach you how to create jewellery using different metals.

Find out more about Gail here



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More About This Maker

Coming from a background in Fine art and Graphic design, Gail went on to study Spatial design at the University of Salford. After the sale of a business she discovered the joy of metalwork and within two years had started her own business, selling her designs at artisan fairs and having her work displayed in local galleries. She began teaching one to one lessons a few years ago and is currently teaching classes, part time, at a jewellery school in Warrington. She has weekend workshops booked up in Cumbria and this year is planning to provide more workshops in the local area, including stacking ring, spinner ring, sea glass, and basic stone setting classes.