Halton MakeFest: Animal Teach

Animal Habitat Making Showcase

Maker Showcase #2

We are excited to announce our secondΒ  maker showcase, Naomi from Animal Teach.

Naomi will be bringing along some of her exotic friends and teaching you how to make the perfect habitat.

Find out more about Animal Teach here

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Naomi will be bringing a variety of different animals with her. You will discuss the species’ behaviour, care and welfare and learn how to create a habitat that assists with these important factors.

This event is suitable for adults, young people and families. Young people are welcome to attend but must be accompanied by an adult.

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More about this This Maker

My name is Naomi and I’m the creator of Animal Teach, an educational workshop company that brings lessons to life with real, exciting animals.Β 

Working previously as a Zookeeper and Practical Lecturer in Animal Studies and with multiple qualifications such as BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management, BSc(Hons) Zoology and PGCE, I am able to combine my passions of animal keeping and teaching.

I’ve worked with the smallest to the tallest animals, but nothing excites me more than teaching people of all ages about them!

After becoming a mum to my two beautiful children I realised more than ever that life is short and to make the most of every single day.

I wanted to be a mum that was there to pick up the children every day at the school gates, but not lose sight of Naomi. Because of this Animal Teach was found. With the support of my husband (providing lots of hot chocolate and doing late night feeds), the business has been set up from scratch by ourselves. Animal Teach focuses on exotic species such as snakes, lizards and invertebrates as I love that the sometimes, mostly misunderstood animals are so fascinating!