Bubble and Fabric Painting with Rachael Prime

Join Rachael Prime for a fun and creative bubble painting workshop and fabric painting demonstration.

Activity Overview

Rachael, with the help of a willing volunteer will be showing us how to create colourful patterns using the power of bubbles, mixing colours directly onto the card. Join in with this activity blowing colourful bubbles along with our makers.

Rachael Prime will also be showing us how she creates her vibrant and colourful fabric for her embroideries, using fabric paints and huge pieces of fabric to mix colours and create brilliant base for her artworks.

Equipment You Will Need

  • Hand Soap or Dish Soap (we used hand soap) – Essential 
  • Ready mixed paint (we used basic children’s paint from Wilko’s) – Essential 
  • Plastic Cups (we used ones around 3 inches tall, with a wide opening) – Essential 
  • Paper Straws – Essential 
  • Cartridge Paper (or card) (we used A1 sheets) – Essential 
  • Stirrers – Wooden sticks for stirring (Lollipop sticks or paint brushes will work)
  • Plastic Tray – To create individual stations and to make tidying up easier!
  • Measuring jug or cylinder
  • Water
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black Pen (we used a berol fine liner)
  • Glue – (Pritt Stick) or Double Sided Sticky Tape

Who Can Take Part?

Bubble Painting – Families 

Fabric Painting – Families/other makers/Older Children

About the Maker

Rachael Prime 

Rachael Prime is a local maker who is one of the resident artists at Runcorn’s Hazlehurst Studios. She creates pieces inspired by narratives, using embroidery, illustration and other creative methods to get her stories across. Rachael’s main medium for creating her artwork is hand and machine embroidery onto fabric , combining narrative elements to create her artworks.

About the Organisation

Hazlehurst Studios

Hazlehurst Studios is a creative hub situated in the heart of Runcorn. They offer an affordable and like-minded environment for artists and makers in Halton. Hazlehurst currently houses 10 artists within our studios with expertise in a range of disciplines including Photography, Textiles and Printmaking.