5 Minute Sculptures with Blue Room Inclusive Arts

Join Blue Rooms for a fun and creative activitiy with a focus on creating sculptures!

Activity Overview

5 Minute Sculptures

Blue Room challenges you to create a 3D sculpture using bits and pieces from around the house in just 5 minutes!

What things can you find to stack, clip, knot or slot together?

We would love to see what you have made. Take a photo and share using #HaltonMF21

Equipment You Will Need

  • Bits and bobs
  • String and/or tape
  • Scissors

Who Can Take Part?

All ages welcome to try it out and be creative.

About the Maker

Bluecoat in Liverpool and Norton Priory Museum and Gardens in Runcorn. Currently delivering activities online.
When: Tuesday- Friday
Blue Room is Bluecoat’s inclusive arts programme for learning disabled and neurodivergent adults. Blue Room artists have met weekly at Bluecoat, Liverpool and Norton Priory Museum and Gardens, Runcorn to explore exhibitions, heritage and the natural landscape in order to create their own art work. Members are supported to develop creative and social skills, building confidence and greater independence. We are currently supporting members to access a ‘Blue Room at Home’ programme of online art sessions and creative resources.


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